clean start.

cleaning, clearing, sorting and planning.  we're all at it.  it is impossible to get through [dry] january without at least one ruthless de-cluttering and re-organising session.

the rooms occupied by the littlests in our house always prove the biggest challenge.  especially following the christmas deluge of new stuff.  both are complete hoarders, one a fervent crafter, the other a total lego-nut.  keeping their rooms tidy and clutter-free is near on impossible.

but once again i am attempting to bring order to the chaos, with the help of the toy sacks I made them for christmas, a few new paper storage sacks,  a stack of IKEA sortera lidded storage bins and a whole list of suitably enticing bribes.

if you feel like you're losing the battle on kiddie chaos, the paper storage sacks and fabric toy sacks are available from my shop.  both designs are customisable with inky black initials, with or without cut out stars.  both are super sized to ensure maximum clutter containment.