a forest of paper trees.

in recent years i've probably spent as much time planning and decorating the little people's rooms for the holidays as i have the rest of the house. now they're a little older they love having their own twinkly trees [which they can chaotically decorate to their hearts content].

for rooms occupied by very little people with tiny inquisitive fingers, a christmas tree might not be the most practical [or safe] idea. hence my new little christmas tree print. perfect for adding just the right touch of festive magic to little spaces [or grown up spaces].

byebyebirdie : little christmas tree print

byebyebirdie : little christmas tree print

it looks great simply washi taped to the wall, but you could frame it, pop string lights on it, fix paper garlands to it, wrap faux presents and place them at the bottom of it, stick advent envelopes to it.

or if it's for a grown up space, keep it simple, light a delicious Skog candle [pine and fir, aged leather and woodland lily of the valley], pop it in a large ferm living maple frame and dream of a white christmas.