time hop easter knit.

[today i came across some sweet easter egg cosies i knitted back in 2013. so cute.  i thought i'd reshare the original post from my old blog. the pattern is still available]

"i've been working on my 'knitting in the round' skills recently and have been on the look out for fun little projects which i can whip up on my douple pointed needles.  so when i stumbled across these super cute bunny hat egg cosies a few weeks ago, i just had to grab a copy of the pattern and give them a go for easter.

the hat itself is a very simple rib then decreasing plain knit stitch. Tetyana's simple, clear pattern steps were easy to follow and the hats were lovely and quick to knit up.

once i'd knitted up the cute little ears, i wanted to have a go at giving them a little more structure. so i adapted the pattern a little by knitting up a second set of ears, slightly smaller than the first set (and in a contrasting colour). then i stitched the two sets together. just love how perky they turned out.

fancy making some yourself? check out Tetyana's shop on etsy.

fancy making the extra ears to stitch in? here are the extra pattern steps;


cast on 3 stitches // row 1-3 : knit all // row 4 : k, kfb, k // row 5 : k all // row 6 : kfb, k3, kfb // row 7 : k all // row 8 : kfb, k5, kfb // row 9-11 : k all // row 12 : k2tog, k5, k2tog // row 13 : k all // row 14 : k2tog, k3, k2tog // row 15 : k all // row 16 : k2tog,k,k2tog // row 17 : k3tog