simple little spaces.

the work to simplify + streamline our home continues. each weekend i choose a space [sometimes small like the linen cupboard, sometimes i feel brave and tackle a full room] and get my keep/donate/throw vibe on. it's a slow process.

the hardest spaces by far seem to be the ones occupied by the littlests. i've so far done both rooms once + yet we're still swimming in essential 'stuff'. i think i need to revisit my [already well thumbed] copy of marie kondo before tackling those spaces again.

in the meantime, i'm dreaming of clean, neat, happy little spaces. neutrals, naturals and bright empty corners. wonderfully free of rainbow lego + craft cutting debris.

here are a few of my current favourite ETSY finds, wouldn't they fit so perfectly in those fantasy clutter-free little spaces? sigh.

[the full clickable treasury is here // you can browse my own little ETSY store here]