custom storage.

in my head, minimalistic living is such a real possibility.  in real life, my son is a lego addict and my daughter is a treasure hoarder.  so whilst i'm #MarieKondo-ing every drawer and cupboard in the house, i have to just make do with a little de-cluttering and good storage solutions in the small people spaces.

for gathering their clutter and returning it to their rooms i'm a big fan of these amazing british-made flexi trugs in white - but for their bedrooms, i use a mix of my white and kraft paper toy sacks.

i love that they're free standing even with just a few toys or books inside, that they seem to withstand no end of battering and that they hold so. much. stuff!

but best of all, they look great and give the illusion that i'm in control of the multi-coloured plastic piles and hundreds of soft toys [even if we all know i'm really not].