clouds of snowy white paper.

i love finding new materials to work with.  i spend so much time stitching tiny pieces of soft jersey into baby-sized things that the challenge of a new fabric is really quite thrilling.

my latest love is washable paper.  exactly like the paper used to make jeans labels, it is strong, washable and very very stitchable. it scrunches and distresses the more it is handled and is an absolute dream to work with.

over christmas i stitched a couple of pieces into mini christmas tree pots, adding small printed labels into the side seams [discovering that not only is it lovely to stitch, it takes a heat press and garment film like a pro – even the tricky metallic printing films glide on as smooth as soft butter].

byebyebirdie : paper cloud mobile

byebyebirdie : paper cloud mobile

recently i've been stitching up tiny pieces into clouds - stuffed them with puffs of fluff - to hang from a white metal mobile ring.  the first was a custom order for a new mama in NYC, and since then I've been refining and tweaking the design for sale.

this week i'm finalising packaging [one of my favourite bits of the new product process] and then it'll be photos and ready for sale.