storage sorted.

sometimes little people spaces need a serious clean and de-clutter.  you know, one of those empty every treasure box, dig into the darkest corners under beds and cupboards type clean.

for these big sorting sessions my custom toy sacks are simply perfect.  i use a fabric one for the enormous collections of soft toys and paper ones for crafting supplies.

i love how they make a whole pile of mess disappear in seconds.  i like storage to be flexible and fit in with the decor – i’ve never been a fan of big brightly coloured tubs.  i think they can look as ugly as the mess they contain.

byebyebirdie : custom paper toy storage sacks

byebyebirdie : custom paper toy storage sacks


paper sacks are currently available in two colourways; brown kraft and white, both available custom printed with initial or names.  i can also custom print with words if you’d prefer ‘toys’ and ‘mess’ are both popular choices!

fabric sacks are stitched from heavy canvas cotton and are currently available hand printed with initials – names and words will be available soon.