signed, sealed & delivered.

Whilst I'm very definitely a text-er and an email-er, there is something so very lovely about actual, in your hand, through the door, mail.

Especially so when it's a special event, such as the arrival of a whole new person into the world.  But sending cards can be a real faff can't it? The buying, the writing, the walking round with it in your bag for a week whilst you repeatedly forget to buy a stamp.  By the time the card hits the post box it's likely awkwardly late, a little battered around the edges and looking rather like an after thought.


Well.  No more.  Because I've just added a small range of lovely handmade cards to the shop and ... these cards can be printed with a personal message, popped into a smart printed envelope and posted THE SAME DAY.  By me.  All you have to do is buy the card, include the address to send it to plus the message and BOOM.  It's done*.   

I know.  Life-saver!

At the moment the range is small; Welcome to the World, Hello Baby & First Birthday cards. But more are on their way.


*of course you can add a gift to the package too - simply check out any item and leave a note at letting me know to gift wrap & send together.

happy gifting!


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