monochrome custom name cushion

some products start out as a series of sketches in my work book, some products I agonize over for weeks. some start life as custom orders that i love and just have to add to my shop.  others just happen with no planning, and are printed, stitched and in the shop within a couple of hours.  the new monochrome custom name cushion i added today was one of the latter.

it began with the arrival of a new roll of thick inky black cotton canvas. i find fabric deliveries such a distraction and soon find myself itching to cut into it and make up something new. so, after a long morning printing paper sacks, i decided to give in, grab a piece and print it up. i decided to go with a custom name cushion in a font i'd not tried before. 

i loved the result so much i quickly stitched it up into a cushion cover and - as the light today was fantastic - grabbed a few shots.


it's now available in the shop & can be printed with any word or name of your choice.