a space to create.

when you run a business from home, every room in the house becomes an extension of your workspace, but i find i still need a space which is entirely my own.  a space with a set up that works the way i work and one with a door that can be closed at the end of a long + often messy work day.

my current work room might be the smallest room in our house [it is in fact not a room at all, it's a little space partitioned off from one of the bedrooms] but it's still a lovely simple space in which to work.

favourite corner of my work space,  my sewing table [on the left] and my cutting table [on the right].

favourite corner of my work space,  my sewing table [on the left] and my cutting table [on the right].

there's a lovely big window with a view of the garden [letting in lots of beautiful light for product photos - which are often snapped on my work table], wooden floors [essential for sweeping] and masses of worktop space and storage [and still i feel like i'm bursting at the seams!].

anyway, why am i sharing this? well, partly because i'm really nosey and think it's good to have a little peak 'behind the scenes'. i also think it's vital that we all know a little more about where the products we buy are made, who makes them and how they're sourced and created.

so now you've seen a corner of my little workspace - let me tell you a little about how my products are sourced and created.

wherever possible i buy all my raw materials from ethical manufacturers & suppliers.  the onesies & bodysuits i print on are all made by small local factories and the fabrics I use for all my non standard products are manufactured in the UK too.  i choose printing materials that are PVC free, stuffing that meets EU toy filling regulations & avoid plastic packaging & wrap, choosing instead to wrap in tissue & brown paper.  

whether it's a pair of knitted booties or a huge baby shower order, i try to squeeze as much care and love as i can into every single order.  i make as much as i can from scratch - which is why it's fairly easy for me to accommodate custom requests.  piles of fabrics, scissors and pins, my trusty sewing machines and my cutting and printing kit and i can pretty much make everything here in my tiny workroom.

i spend most of my working week in here [when i'm not driving people mad in my local post office with my ridiculous postal runs!] and i love it. a perfect space to create a little magic.

the commute is an absolute dream too!