hiding the kid-clutter.

as any parent knows, kid clutter can be a beast to control.  whether it's in a bedroom, play room or even on the move, keeping it contained and restrained can feel like an impossible task.

my trick to kid storage is to hide it from sight.  one neat simple bag or tub filled with 150 random pieces of brightly coloured plastic is so much easier on the eye than 150 pieces of brightly coloured plastic tucked into shelves, piled in corners and peaking out from under the bed.

out of sight, out of mind i say.

image3 (13).JPG

Made from super durable thick unbleached cotton canvas, the drawstring bags are cut, printed and stitched by hand.  


A smaller size than the custom initial fabric toy sacks, the new medium TOY sack measures approx 40cm by 56cm - plenty big enough for a good stash and a great size for toting a day's supply of entertainment to grandmas.

Alternative words and designs can be printed on request.